What Is It Like To Be A Foster Parent?

Here Are A Few Foster Parent Testimonials

Still looking for reasons why you should become a foster parent? Wellspring has worked with Michigan families and communities for over 100 years. During this time, we have helped many foster children and families find the hope and support they need. Here are just some of our many foster care success stories.



Trigg was placed into foster care at birth with Wellspring foster parents, Drew and Stacey Langstraat. After nearly three years with Trigg -- and with three biological children of their own, Drew and Stacey lovingly chose to adopt Trigg. Drew and Stacey continue to foster children today. In the video below, watch and listen as Drew and Stacey answer some of the tough questions and share the joys and challenges of foster care through their eyes.


Pastor Michael Stahl and his wife Stacey of Trinity-St. James Lutheran Church in Munger, are licensed foster parents at Wellspring Lutheran Services. They most recently adopted a young girl, Jaden, who is 7-years-old. The Stahls share their beautiful story of adoption through foster care.


The simple moments are the most rewarding — things like an unexpected smile or an unprovoked hug. It’s when all the chaos of life falls away that we can see a glimpse of sunshine into their stormy lives. A Wellspring Foster Dad
I think with any kind of 'family' planning, you have doubts and concerns. My biggest concern was my time and could I be an effective foster parent with my work schedule. I was more than willing to change directions in my life to make theirs more secure. Now I find that even in the darkest moment, their light shines through. A Wellspring Foster Dad
If you’re considering being a foster parent, don’t jump into it lightly. It takes a big heart and a willingness to see things through. It won’t always be easy and you will ride a roller coaster of emotions. But the positive impact you can have on a child is incredible. A Wellspring Foster Mom