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At Wellspring Lutheran Services we welcome families who are committed to providing a child a loving, supportive foster home. The children we serve are in the legal care of the State of Michigan. That means that before a child is placed in your care, there is a process we follow that ensures the child will receive the best care possible, and that you and your family are properly prepared for this exceptional experience of becoming foster parents:

Before a child is placed with you, Wellspring will provide:

  • A clear and thorough explanation of your role as a foster parent, as well as the roles of the child’s family and Wellspring staff
  • A licensing worker will be assigned to your home to provide support and information
  • A minimum of 12 hours of pre-service training

Once a child is placed with you, Wellspring will provide:

  • A caseworker for each foster child, who is responsible for coordinating services for the child, foster family and biological family
  • A variety of support services, including training, individual and family counseling for children, and case management services