Foster Parent FAQs

Becoming and being a foster parent is a wonderful commitment. We understand there will be many questions along the way. Here are many questions we get often. Still, if you have a question, please contact us to get the answers you need.

Foster Care FAQs - Answer that little voice

Do I have to be Lutheran to be a Wellspring Foster Parent?
No. Wellspring has foster parents and staff who are of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
Do I have to be married or have children?
No, you don’t.
How do I become a foster parent? Do I have to be certified or licensed? If so, what is the process?
The first step is to attend an orientation meeting. You will learn the steps required to become licensed. (See packet for the process.)
How long does it take to become a foster parent?
The whole process can take four to six months.
What if I want to adopt?
Wellspring’s first priority is always to reunite children with their families in a safe and stable home. Yet, sometimes that is not an option. In these instances, many of our foster parents choose to adopt the children they foster.
What is the average length of time a child is in a foster home?
Each situation is unique, but some kids are only in foster care for a few days or weeks, while others are in foster homes for a year or longer.
Do I get paid for having a foster child in my home?
Foster parents receive financial reimbursement to help cover the expenses of caring for a foster child. Foster children are also provided with medical insurance and clothing allowances. Additional financial support may be available when a child has special needs.
What kinds of children need foster parents?
There are kids from all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds in foster care. There is a great need for foster parents for children with special needs, teenagers and sibling groups.
How many children will I have at one time?
This is determined by you and Wellspring, and is based on your family’s circumstances and the child’s needs.
Can I choose the gender, race and age of a child? Can I decline a particular foster child?
Making a good match between the prospective child and the prospective family is a vital step. Together, we will help you decide if a child would be a good fit.
How often do I need to be relicensed?
The first license is only valid for six months. The second license is valid for two years, and is then renewed at the end of each two-year period.
What are some of the biggest challenges to being a foster parent?
Foster parenting is a tough job. The most common challenges are dealing with the behaviors of foster children, working with the child’s biological family, and grieving the loss of a child when they are returned to family. That’s why Wellspring Lutheran Services will support you in working through these challenges. We do this by providing training to handle tough situations and by being readily available for questions throughout your fostering experience.